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Just like her feminized counter part, Zkittlez Autoflower is an Indica-dominant hybrid that explodes in sweet and fruity flavors. The quick but smooth mental high takes you on a colorful joyride on the rainbow road. Her cloudy white buds, showered with trichomes, will invite you to take a bite. She is truly a great addition to our Nirvana collection.


Genetics: The result of crossing the Zkittlez with a Ruderalis takes this sweet Indica dominant autoflower around 11 to 12 weeks to finish, long enough to have a large yielding capability. She can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors.


Strain Characteristics: Like her name, she offers you a true chance to taste and see the rainbow. Zkittlez Autoflower has thick and bulky flowers with green and purple colors, showing beautiful vibrant orange pistils in between. A true charm is Zkittlez’ sweet-and-sour aroma that has hints of berry and lemon. For a true taste experience, the flavours are best brought forward during curing.