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Caked in a snowy, white resin, this old school gem made modern is easy to grow and comes with a blistering, euphoric cerebral high that is perfect for the modern day philosopher and creative type.


Genetics: After crossing White Widow with Northern Lights Automatic, the result is a predominantly Indica with a stocky appearance. Grow time will vary between 11 and 12 weeks depending on phenotypes, and she will display a ridiculous amount of resin.


Strain Characteristics: White Widow AutoFem is a very easy to grow strain, thanks to her indica heritage this girl will remain low profile. When grown closely together she is capable of producing 350 - 450 g/m² making her a large producer of super frosty nugs. 


THC levels will range from 14-18% making her a medium potent strain ideal for morning until nighttime use. This girl is easy to trim and produces plenty of top shelf sugar trim. Her aroma is earthy, spiced and not as aromatic as some other varieties, making her an excellent candidate for growers who want a good low profile plant.


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