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We present a medium sized, bushy indica dominant autoflowering hybrid. Perfect for Sea of Green setups, she will produce cherry, earthy flavours in just 11-13 weeks from seed to harvests. This girl produces excellent results outdoors also and is an easy to grow strain for beginner growers and those new to autoflowering hybrids.


Genetics: After crossing our Short Rider stud male with our best Jock Horror female, we have created an autoflowering strain that displays the best traits of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights from the mother, as well as the toughness of the Short Rider and the ability to flower automatically. 


Strain Characteristics: Her growth structure will be short and bushy, that matures into a medium sized plant.  She will focus on producing one main central cola that is full at every site and internode, making her a good candidate for Sea of Green as she is so uniform and homogenous. 


Thanks to her genetic heritage, Jock Horror Auto feminised will grow outdoors and fight off plant disease, including cold and wet weather.


THC levels will range from 15-19% meaning she is a perfect choice for smokers looking for a relaxing and well balanced effect, however has the ability to send you into a super deep state of relaxation and your own world.  Her aroma is pungent with an earthy sweet base. She will flower will long, stacked buds that become covered with bright orange pistils and glazed in trichomes, and can produce harvests of up to 350 - 400 g/m² when grown closely together. 


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